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Learn all about our project and how you can help in our brand new flyer “Welcome to St Minver Community Hub“.

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Increase capacity for our User Groups

The Guides, Scouts and Football Club currently host around 200 plus people per week on the site.  This project will enable the successful continuation of these clubs for future generations.

Fully accessible building and toilet facilities

As currently there are none and to replace and improve the current public toilets.

New Community café

A community café, that provides a place to meet.

Hands up

New Parish Council offices

Parish Council offices, with disabled access and improved public space.

Additional meeting room space

Additional meeting room space for community activities such as exercise classes, training sessions and private functions.

Additional Facilities

Additional Facilities, based on the needs analysis.

Our Goals

Learn all about our project and how you can help in our brand new flyer “Welcome to St Minver Community Hub“.

Engage with the Local Community

To develop a robust network of Ambassadors and Support Network.

Refine the needs

To refine the needs, requirements and opportunities.

Secure funding

To engage with potential donors, Trust Funds and Grant funding organisations with a view to obtaining firm commitments.

Finalise design

To revisit and finalise the building design and facilities.

Build Hub

To build and commission a new Community Hub.

Ensure financial viability

Ensure New Community Hub is self-funding and financially viable.

Meet our Amazing Team!

Meet the team behind making this all a possibility for our community.

Carol Mould

Carol Mould

Director and Chair

Member & past Chair of St Minver Parish Council.

Cabinet Member for Cornwall Council and Portfolio Holder for Neighbourhoods.

Christine Boswell-Munday

Christine Boswell-Munday

Project Director

St Minver Lowlands Parish Councillor

Project & Contract Management with the Department of Health.

Clinical, Operational and Executive Roles within the NHS and the Independent Sector.

Business and Marketing Management with the Chartered Institute of Marketing.

Keith Snelling

Keith Snelling

Finance Director

Engineering, Project and Business Management in Aerospace and Defence with GEC Marconi and BAE Systems.

Project Manager for the St Minver Parishes Neighbourhood Development Plan.

Treasurer for Rotary Club of Wadebridge (registered charity)

Treasurer for Rock Sailing and Water Ski Club.

Stuart Robertson

Stuart Robertson

Community Director and Scouts Representative

Managing Director Robertson’s Jewellers Ltd.

Scout Leader 1st St Minver Scout Group and Hub representative from Scouts.

Rock RNLI Crew Member.

David Witts

David Witts

Director Social Media & Football Club Representative

Head of IT Projects at University of Exeter.

Founder & Director of David Witts Independent Consultancy.

Committee Member of St Minver Football Club and Hub representative from the Football Club.

Funding target (£000)

Users benefit

Community Hub

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the project's history?

The recreation ground at Trewint was bequeathed to the Parish in the 1950’s. Since then it has been home to St Minver Football Club.

For the last 30years it has also been home for the St Minver Scouts and Guides, and the pre-school along with the play area that was refurbished with a grant from Cornwall Council in 2002.

Lowlands Parish Council maintain the site along with the public toilets.

Each group has grown over the years and maintained their own buildings, but despite the best efforts of all those involved with the exception of the pre-school which is a new, more recent build, the cost of on- going repairs is increasing and beyond the fund raising that each group can achieve.

What are the project's aims?

We aim to develop the existing facilities and create a new vibrant Community Hub that provides a central meeting place for all. To provide a safe, environment friendly, cost effect building and meeting place that is accessible to all who wish to use it.

We want to meet the needs of the existing users and provide comprehensive facilities and services that meet the needs of the local community.  The intention is that St Minver Community hub will be sustainable and operate on a self- funding basis.

What is the project's journey?

As part of the St Minver Parishes Neighbourhood Plan preparation process a questionnaire seeking opinions on a Community Centre was very favourably supported. The St Minver Parishes Neighbourhood Plan has now been adopted and a New Community Centre is listed as one of the Infrastructures Priorities.

St Minver Lowlands Parish Council formed a sub-committee to look into the possibility of providing a new community building on site to re home all the present users and to incorporate a space to house the Parish Council.

Following an open day and survey undertaken last year, where we gathered feedback from the local community, we plan to include rentable space for other users, provide space for a small concession to be leased out in order to create income for the upkeep. There will also be additional parking. With all the information received, plans were drawn up and planning permission granted.

With the support of St Minver Lowlands Parish Council, we have formed a Community Interest Company called St Minver Community Hub in January 2019.

However, to gain the benefits of Gift Aid the Directors made the decision to convert to a Registered Charity and became St Minver Community Hub CIO in January 2020.

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