Spring & Summer Adventures with 1st St Minver Brownies

Spring & Summer Adventures with 1st St Minver Brownies

This term our theme has been Express Myself & the Challenge Badge we worked towards was “If you can’t be a unicorn, be unique, be yourself”.

Girls develop their creativity in all sorts of ways.  This term they have made up stories & created inventions to solve problems & started thing laterally & taught creative skills to their friends.

We spent any evening looking at communication & how it has changed over the years.  The girls all wrote a postcard to be sent to a friend.  Then without them realising we addressed the postcards to the Brownies so they all received some post.  We then had a go at sending a magic moving postcard…..miming a postcard – not easy miming out all what you would wanting to say on a postcard.

Odd socks was another great evening.  We turned old odd socks into great sock puppets.  Each puppet was given a name, age, a personality & in some cases a wonderful accent. Towards the end of the term we managed to borrow a puppet stage & the girls performed their sock puppet play.

The highlight of the term was our Myths & Magic in May Big Brownie Sleepover in Wadebridge Town Hall.  Along with lots of other Brownie Packs from North Cornwall we had a superb weekend in Wadebridge.  There were lots of Myths & Magic themed activities & even a silent disco.  Our Brownies where truly brilliant all weekend, they were so well behaved, the first pack to fall asleep at about 11.45pm & even other Guiders commented on how well behaved they were.  The girls where a true pleasure to spend the weekend with & their parents should be very proud of how well behaved they all where.

Inspiration Woman was an interesting evening.  The girls all choose an inspirational woman from wither History, sport, politics, royalty etc.  They all did a short presentation about their chosen lady & why they believe they are a good role model for our future.

The last few weeks of term have included; a walk to Porthilly beach to collect pebbles, Paint out pebbles with inspirational quotes, we had a lesson on Rugby &  enrolment. 

Another busy term making memories for our young girls of the parish with lots of fun and laughter along the way.

Have a great summer. Brownies re-commences on Wednesday 11th September

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