Creating a More Sustainable Community Hub

Creating a More Sustainable Community Hub

In these strange times we all find ourselves, creating a sustainable asset for our community is crucial.  We have taken the opportunity to step back and review our requirements with a focus on keeping the cost down as much as feasibly possible, providing the most benefit to the community within the Hub we are creating and importantly, ensuring what we produce is sustainable and cost effective for years to come.

With all the above in mind, we have looked closely at the design and rationalised what we are providing and moved the location of the Hub within the site.  To support this we have made a new planning application, revised our costings to reduce the build cost by £100,000 and completely updated our website, @ , to reflect the improvements in the project.

We are currently awaiting the planning application to be approved and then we have the task of working with the local community in raising the remaining required funds.

The challenge for us all, is to raise the remaining 90% of the funds required to enable us to build this brilliant asset for the community.  Can you help us. or do you know someone who can?

Financing the Community Hub Project

The first visible phase of the project is the Interim Health Hub that is now up and running at a total cost of just under £24,000. The various fundraising appeals, including the very successful sponsorship of John Baxter’s beard, have now raised this sum. The Doctor’s Practice is now paying for the use of the Health Hub and this will fully cover the ongoing running costs.

The revised plans for the Community Hub building not only provide for better facilities and improved location but have incorporated more cost-effective methods of providing the desired facilities. As a result, the estimated cost for completing all phases of the project, including the Interim Health Hub, moving the football pitch, build of the Community Hub, provision of a stand-alone storage and public toilet block, removal of redundant buildings, revamping the car park and general landscaping is now £750,000. Fund raising to date has reached £74,000. Once the revised plans achieve planning approval and the legal issues around use of the playing field have been finalised the comprehensive project fund raising plan can be launched. It is expected that this will result in sufficient funds being raised through 2021 to commence the Community Hub build phase.

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Dave Witts
Director Social Media and Football Club Representative and Trustee

Keith Snelling
Finance Director and Trustee

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