Scouting During Lockdown

Scouting During Lockdown

At 1st St. Minver Scout Group, we are delighted that Scouting continued during ‘Lockdown’, albeit in a very different format.

We were pleased to be able to meet as a Scout Troop using a special very secure version of ‘Zoom’. Each week, our Scouts met together on the screen with the Leaders, where they were able to share what they had been doing since our last meeting. After hearing any news or activities – and it was clear that they were all in good spirits, we discussed what Badgework they might attempt whilst at home. Fortunately, these days, the requirements for each of the many proficiency badges obtainable for Scouts are all visible on the Scout website.

Our Scouts were very inventive and imaginative with what they might achieve. Many creative projects were undertaken, artwork and craft, cooking and baking as well as gardening and growing vegetables! Scouts were pleased to illustrate their efforts with photographs and videos, as well as showing us all things during our ‘Zoom’ meetings.

During the Zoom meetings, we managed to take part in some games and receive some instruction on a wide range of activities including knotting and even origami (which stumped many of the Leaders!)

At the time of writing, we had, as a Group, hoped to return now to ‘Face to Face’ Scouting, just as we have now entered the second lockdown. So, our Zoom meetings will continue for the time being.

Meanwhile, when we were permitted to, our Leadership team completely repainted our aging Scout Hut inside and out, so that when we might be able to use it again, it will look bright and fresh.

Whilst we have all made the best of the situation with which we are all faced, we should remember that the pandemic affects everyone in different ways. Our young people in Scouts are no different, and it is clear to me how much they have missed their proper interaction with others at Scouts. We had planned a fantastic Scout Camp this past summer, and our usual Winter Camp would have taken place in October. These young people and their Leaders have missed camping, and all that can be learnt and experienced on a fun packed and structured camp.

Our founder, Robert Baden Powell famously said: ‘A week on camp is worth six months teaching in the Troop room’. He was right, but I am sure he would be proud of the resilience and good spirit of those in Scouting at St. Minver!

Stuart Robertson
1st St. Minver Scout Group

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