Your Community Needs You – Five hundred donations of £1,000 will build a new Community Hub

Your Community Needs You – Five hundred donations of £1,000 will build a new Community Hub

Eighteen months of lockdown have had a significant impact on everyone, especially our young people who have had not only schooling, but large parts of their usual social interaction disrupted. The same could be said for the older members of our community, who have suffered from the lack of social activity.

Despite the perception that our part of North Cornwall is affluent, the truth is that this area ranks amongst the most deprived.

It is our local community that the proposed hub at Trewint is aimed at, replacing existing buildings with a new centre that can cater for a wider variety of needs, not at least Health care that we have already located on site in a temporary building.

As a community, how wonderful would it be to be able to say, that off the back of a terrible year we have still been able to provide a facility that all our residents and visitors can benefit from.

The Community Hub Committee. have made a great start with the project. With wonderful support we have been able to provide the temporary Heath hub and have raised £115,000 towards the new building.

New Building – Internal Layout

New Building - Internal Layout

However, to make this project a reality, we need financial support. Grant applications have been submitted but grant funding is a much sort after resource.

We firmly believe that Communities who help themselves will thrive!!!

The money that has already been given so generously, means that we already have planning permission, detailed drawings, and costings. We are in a great position to move forward to the construction stage. But we need another financial boost.

SO we are asking: Are there 500 people in our community who are prepared to donate £1,000 to the Community Hub Project?

This will give the parish what is has not had in over 50 years, a piece of new infrastructure to benefit the people who actually make this place “home”

We realise that £1,000 is a lot of money to a lot of people, but these are those of you who may be fortunate enough to consider giving such an amount, you would be donating to the well-being of a whole community for many years to come. Surely that is value for money?

If, you can please consider making a donation to this worthwhile project.

Make a Donation

Help us to build our Community Hub with a very kind donation.

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For further information or alternative payment methods, please contact either:

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